Monday, August 1, 2011

What is Temporary and Seasonal Retail Employment?

Temp: How To Survive & Thrive in the World of Temporary EmploymentTemporary retail employees or Temps as they are sometimes referred as.  Companies hire temps for projects that need extra help only for short period of time.  In this way they don't have to hire full time permanent employees and pay benefits.  Temps can be hired for any period of time short or long term usually though an agency. 

Seasonal retail employees are hired in retail to fill the increased seasonal business such as Summer, Halloween, Christmas or any other short term season.  Holiday seasonal associates are usually hired with the idea that the best employees will be kept full time after the season is over. 

Working as a Temp or Seasonal retailemployee is a great way to get your foot in the door to a company you want to work for.  Show them your skills and get them your worth as a permanent full time employee.

Places to find Retail Seasonal employment would  be: Department Stores, Malls, Toy Stores, Xmas Tree stores, Farms, Home improvement centers, Holiday stores, summer camps, landscapers, Amusement parks.

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