Store Operations Manual

Store Operations 
The Store Operations policy and procedure manual, either online or printed and kept in a book, is the heart of your business.   In the store operations manual you keep all the information on how to do everything.  Any person stepping in to help run your store should be able to go to the store operations manual to find out all the policies and procedures of your business.  With out this your business will never grow.  Everyone will rely on you the small business owner to do everything.  (Remove this paragraph) Use this outline to help guide your writing of the Store Operations Policy and Procedure Manual.

  1. Human resources
    • Hiring
    • Training
    • Laws
    • Paperwork
    • Benefits
  2. Cash Handling
    • Banking
    • Safes, Cash Draws and Petty Cash
    • Cashier handbook
    • Deposits
    • Sales Reports
  3.  Key Person
    • Opening Procedures
    • Closing Procedures
  4. Receiving
    • Deliveries 
    • Record keeping  
  5. Maintenance
    • Daily Maintenance
    • Floor Care
    • Parking Lot
    • Windows
    • Repairs
  6.  Other
    • Inventory Prep work
    •  Reports

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