Thursday, May 5, 2016

What Permits Do You Need To Open a Retail Store?

What kind of permit you need depends on all kind of different things.  For one thing what will you be selling?  Where will your retail store be located?

Every township in every county in every state  in every country have different rules.   So where do you find out the rules before you open a retail store.

The town or county clerks office in which you want to open your store will know exactly what kind of business permits you will need depending on what kind of business you want to open.

You will need to have a state sales tax permit.   This tells the state you will be collecting sales tax.  Usually sales taxes are paid quarterly.  You have to file even if you had no sales in the quarter.   If you don't  you just might get a bill for estimated sales tax along with a penalty.  The state assumes your doing business until you tell them otherwise.

If you are selling food you may need a business permit and a health department permit.  Alcohol, Tobacco products, fireworks, and other fire arms all need special permits.

Your local building department and or fire marshal may require to inspect the building before you open.


In New York State  to drive an Ice Cream Truck you need the following permits and licences.

  1. Drivers Licence from the Motor Vehicle Dept.(D.M.V.).
  2. A mobile food vendors permit from the local town clerk.
  3. A NYS sales tax certificate.
  4. The truck needs a DMV registration (license plate).
  5. A DMV Inspection sticker.
  6. A county health department permit.
  7. If you use a unique name for your business you need to licence that too with the county clerk.
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