Saturday, February 26, 2011

How can Mom and Pop compete with Mega-Mart Stores.

Sam Walton founder of Walmart gave some good advice.  You don't have to compete with the Mega-mart to become successful.  Find a niche products and give the customer service and advice better than anyone else.  A good example would be Staples.  Where Walmart does sell office supplies and electronics, they don't have the selection that Staples or OfficeMax can offer.  They are cutting back on the craft supplies and selling more groceries.  Mega Marts like Target, Kmart and Walmart only sell a sampling of products in each department.  If you want a special item you'll need to go to a store that specializes in just that line of products. 

Find yourself a product that Mega-marts and Super Home Centers can only sell part of the selection. 
Ever go into a Home Depot and get help from someone who knew anything more than you already did?

Become and expert and let the public know your an expert.  Give the Customer Service unheard of at Target, and Walmart.  Don't compete with them, use them.  Rent a Store as close to them as you can, with a product and service they don't have. Use their customer traffic to promote your business. 

Go into any Mega-Mart and ask the clerk to find a book on writing a blog.  Yeah right, good luck.

If you want a special item you need to go to store that specializes in just that line of products. 

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