Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What Should I do If I See Someone Shoplifting or Stealing From My Store?

Catching a Shoplifter can be very tricky.  You have to be very careful or you can be in more trouble than the shoplifter. This is why many retailers find it's more important to deter shoplifting before it ever happens.  Here are some things to consider before stopping a shoplifter.

  1. Know the Law.   You need to know all the laws in your Country, State, and local government.  More than Just those laws that have to do with shoplifting may apply.
  2. Who saw the shoplifter?  Are you 100% positive the person still has the item concealed on them?  If you stop and accuse a person of shoplifting, you have to prove it!  Falsely accusing someone of shoplifting can cost you 1000's of dollars in law suits and legal fees.
  3. Always have a witness.  After stopping a shoplifter, never go alone with them into a closed room or office.   If the person is of the opposite sex it is wise to have witness of that sex.  If you are accused of inappropriate behavior, even if your innocent it will cost you in legal fees to defender yourself.
  4. Never use physical force to stop a shoplifter.  If a shoplifter gets hurt while trying to leave your store, you may be at fault.  If an employee gets hurt you may be at fault.   Either way you are going to pay legal fees to defend yourself.  Is it worth getting hurt or killed over a $10.00 item? 
Before you stop someone for stealing from your store, consider what it may cost you.  Is it worth it?  This is why more time and money is put into stopping shoplifting before it happens.

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