Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Where Do You Find Retail Management Jobs When Nobody is Hiring?

Someone is always hiring in retail management.  You have to have someone running the store.  You just have to know where to look the right retail management job.

In today's economy most companies have been making cut backs.  So they are doing with less Retail Assistant Manager and Department Mangers, but they can't do with out Retail Store Managers.  Some companies are down sizing so bad that they are getting rid of experienced managers in favor or lower paid less experienced retail store managers just to save a few bucks.

So where do you look.  Start at the usual places, the news papers and Internet job sites like
But not all Companies spend money advertising until they desperate for help.  

You have to go right to the source.  Check out those companies you think you'd like to work for and apply directly to them, usually online.

There are always job openings.  People get fired for all kinds of reasons.  Some get promoted and some demoted.  Some leave to go to other companies. While others retire after years of hard work.  There are away Retail Management Jobs. 

A lot of people are now looking or that second Job to make ends meet.  While more companies are looking for part time help to cut payroll costs.  If you have retail experience, why not look for a part time retail management job.  Smaller retails stores need experienced mangers to work the closing shift.  Someone who knows how to close down the registers and do a deposit. They can lock up and set the Alarms at night.  There is a growing amount of these positions that don't get advertised but are out there. 

Update your resume and hit the streets.  Some things just have to be done the old way, going from store to store.

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