Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Retail Management Training Tools For Your Whole Retail Organization

This program can be adapted to work in all kinds of Businesses. 

It promotes leadership by sharing knowledge as an expert with employees.
Promotes out of the box thinking, communication between levels of management. In turn promotes increased productivity through team work, learning and understanding.
Promotes self esteem and moral.

There are many retail store or sales managers in a region, District Managers, Regional Manager, and various DC and other field personal each with a different view of the business. Sometimes that info is not heard or understood by others.

The Project:

Have each manager prepare one weekly presentation per year each on a different subject. Reviewed and approved upon, before distributed. Important to note that learning how to deliver a presentation is as important as the subject being presented.

Presentation should include in person, by voice mail and email that can be printed and given to employees who don’t have company email.

Subjects can include, Merchandising Techniques, How and why to rotate, Time Management skills, Safety issues, communications with store personal, innovations, HR issues or how to do anything connected to your business. Or moral of your team. Don’t be afraid to suggest subjects or add missed points before approving a presentation for the masses to hear.

Some times laughter is needed to break the tension and get someone attention. That’s why a lot of speeches start with a joke or a funny incident that everyone can connect with. Sometimes not.

Exceptional presentations can be reused year after year to reinforce information as well as keep new employees in the loop. Subjects can be revisited each year to update information and presentation as well as teaching anyone who missed or didn’t understand the subject the first time around.

Learning never stops so teaching shouldn’t either. Everyone needs to feel they are part of a team and not left out of important information. Never Assume that everyone knows or thinks the way you do. If we don’t learn from past bad experiences or techniques , we doomed to repeat them over and over again.

One of my most gratifying accomplishments was training and mentoring an employee to get promoted to the next level.

What makes a good retail manager?   The person who trains him/ her well!

The Big Book of Humorous Training Games (Big Book of Business Games Series)     Employee Training & Development    Employee Training and Development. Raymond A. Noe

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