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15 Ways How Shoplifters Steal from Retail Stores and Create Shrink!
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How Customers Steal and create shrink   A Shoplifter is described as a person who lifts or steals items from a shop or store.  There are many ways people do this. Here I will teach you the most common ways thieves steal from stores.  Once you know how they shoplift the more likely you will be able to spot them.
     Always be on the lookout for the odd person looking to see if he is being watched, also large groups and overly friendly people.  These overly friendly people usually distract you while their friends steal from you.

15 Ways How Shoplifters Steal from Retail Stores and Create Shrink!

  • Shoplifters will Stuff merchandise in there pocket or conceal it in some way. Sometimes they steal the whole item. Other time they take it out of the package. 
  • After all ready paying for one item at the cash register they walk back into the retail store and add things to their store logo shopping bag when no employee is watching.
  • Thieves will put one item inside another. Such as putting a lunch box inside a school bag. If the cashier asks any questions the customer will say they thought they went together. Or they wedge merchandise inside wrapping paper tubes. A Thief will try anyway they can to hide the merchandise the want to steal.

  • Shoplifters will open sealed boxes and put other loose items inside.An example would be opening a board game and placing a computer memory card inside the box. The Shoplifter then pays for the board game and  is getting the memory card free.

  • Customers eat food while they shop. Leave the empty package and never pay for it a the register.

  • Try on new shoes or clothing item and wear it out the of the store. Return to store with receipt for item purchased the same of different day and try to walk out with a new one waving receipt to prove he paid for it. If you don’t look at the receipt carefully you wouldn't notice it was and old receipt.

  • Walks into store with nothing and brings item to register for return with no or old receipt. Just because some one hands you a receipt doesn’t mean they came into store with the item. They could of found the receipt on the floor and took the item off the shelf and try to return it for money. If you didn’t see the thief come in you have no proof. If you turn down the return he still walks out the door with free merchandise.

  • They just carry items right out the door. Shoplifters wait until you turn your back and will just walk right out the door. Some times they use a partner that will try to distract the person covering the front door so the other person can take merchandise and walk out the door with it. I’ve seen a team of three work together. One drives the get a way car waiting in front. Second person distracts employees while third carries out full floor shippers or hand baskets full of merchandise right out the door into the car and takes off. The distractor acts like he’s not involved. They are so good at it sometimes you don’t notice it ever happened until you realize the display is missing.

  • They don’t steal merchandise but from other customers. Picking pockets or stealing purses. Ever hear an announcement in a supermarket “ If you have the wrong cart please return it”. It is found down another aisle with out the purse that was left unattended.

  • Shoplifters with take anything of value. A portable tv/dvd used for demonstrations. Put in a shopping cart and wheeled right out the door.

  • Purposely letting very young children hold expensive items then walking out the door and having the child carry it. This way they can say it was an accident.

  • Customer drops change on the floor over the register counter while cash draw is open. When cashier bends down to pick it up the thief takes money from register with out being seen. If seen he runs, if not you may end up blaming cashier for shortage. But whose fault was it. The Cashier or the managers for not teaching the cashier to never turn your back on an open cash draw.

  • Counterfeit money. Thief may hide bad bills mixed in the middle of good ones so if you don’t look carefully at it you don’t notice.

  • Confuse cashier while making change while still in middle of sale. Thief always walks away with more money then he should of.


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  2. Just watched loss prevention catch a shoplifter in stop and shop!

  3. Its December now is the best time to catch a shopslifter!

  4. Loss prevention is weak! Give themselves away every time.
    Try putting away your ph. And stop looking at people out of the corner of ur eyeball sir.

    1. The job of Loss Prevention is to prevent loss. If you know your being watched your less likely to steal. Thus by letting you know he is there, he is doing his job.

  5. Loss prevention is weak! Give themselves away every time.
    Try putting away your ph. And stop looking at people out of the corner of ur eyeball sir.

  6. Recently my wallet got stolen by a customer while I was talking to the owner of a small nightshop , question is now to me this : HOW could that guy ( know who did it because was after me only client at shop who constantly interviened conversation ) but how could he take my wallet actually ??? I was holding a handbag and the wallet was inside , now , that handbag is even to me quite ' unhandy ' to use due it's many manyyy pockets inside and if you know that you can think about that fact but the thieve couldn't know this , btw I usually would have FELT it that someone was INSIDE of the handbag to first search like crazy for the wallet and second of this I always have my HAND on the bag ! so HOW did he still take out that wallet ???? that handbag is like my clothing ! how I wear it ? you would not even try it ! just because first of all u c my hand does not even go off for just a second ! second it is always inside one of the pockets inside which is LOCKED too ???? can anyone help me out please because now I don't seem to be the only victim , friend of me also walked into the same local nightshop and he had his wallet in his pocket yet it also got stolen that way , note : his pocket INSIDE his jacket !!! I really don't understand because something like that must be something you feel ! it is right in front of your nose the thief must be standing while first opening your jacket and take the wallet , this one is reported to the police and they said simply to me " yeah we know who the thief is now and he is exeptionally ' gifted ' in what he does , he even lives from it and has lots of money ! " I was like well ok go get him if you , the police knows it " but they cant take action they said because he needs to be caught on tape OR in the act :(( ! this just makes me so insecure if i go the shop !

  7. hmm it really awesome with such info,but it really good and helpful


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