Saturday, January 31, 2015

Do Your Employees Steal From Your Store?

Do Your Employees Steal from your retail store?

Yes they do.  Call it what you will, someone is stealing from you.  Studies have shown that more than half of all employees have taken something from their job with out permission.  

Shoplifting Employee is a Shrink Problem

Employee theft accounts for more than 50% of shrink in a retail store.  A lot of it happens right in front of you and your blind to it.

Do you know what happens when your not there?   I've seen employees go right up to the candy aisle and help themselves.  They don't even think there is anything wrong with it.  Well the boss knows, he lets us eat the open candy.  "Oops, this is open, now I can eat it".  

Family is worst of all.  They take for themselves, they give there friends all while other employees watch.  "What's good for the them is good for me too"!    

If your employees are disgruntled, they are more likely to steal from you.  So what can you do about it?

  1. Set rules that everyone must follow, even you.
  2. Damaged merchandise should be writen on a log, boxed up and labeled.  
  3. If you decide to give away the damaged or open goods, they should be done privately.
  4. Log all merchandise used for store use.  Only management should approve taking something for store use.  Store use is an expense, this log is needed for bookkeeping.  Not logging the expense causes shrink!
  5. Employee purchases should be witnessed if not rung up by management.  
  6. Employees should not be allowed to ring up friends or family with out management approval.  And should be witnessed.
  7. If you do take merchandise for your own personal use from your business.  It should be done privately and be written down on a log for bookkeeping purposes.
  8. Keep moral high.  You can be nice to your employees with out giving away your store.


  1. I'm looking to hire someone to tell me who is stealing from my store. Can you suggest someone?

  2. If your local long Island I can do it.


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