Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Teens And Young Adults First Retail Job

The sale of goods and services from the industries to the end customer is called retail. A retailer is one who purchases goods from the industry in bulk and then sell it to customers. Retailing can be done either in a fixed location , door to door or online.

First ever job for anyone can be confusing as you are new for this experience. Same is the case with a retail job. This article will give you guidelines if you are to choose work a retail job.
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  •  Be on Time: Good time management is the key to success. In the case of a retail job, one must always be on time. Don’t make your customer wait. They have a lot of options, so make it worth them coming to you.
  •  Expectation From Day One: Either a teen or adult, when you go for the first retail job always keep your morals high but expectations low. A new employee on the day one of work is not that capable to handle all work efficiently, but still no theory can guide you better than practice.
  •  Making a good Impression: Whether it's because of all the excitement, the desire to make an incredible first impression, or both, many people start a new job sprinting out of the starting gates. If you perform well in the coming days keep it up. If you do not maintain the routine your impression may drop to zero from ten.
  • Ask, if You Don’t Know: If you don’t know about something, better than doing it wrong, ask for help. You can ask your employer for guideline so that you can do good. Doing work the wrong way is not right.
  •  Deliver Your Best: It’s simple if you will behave well and friendly with your customers they will come back to buy from you again. A retailer’s good customer service attracts the customer.
  • Create a filter in your mind:  Once you had a bad experience with something put it in that filter to always stay warned not to repeat that. It is very helpful in removing the flaws from one self.
  •  Customer Service: Either one or ten, each customer should be on your priority. If one customer came to buy one product and other for many, treat both on equal importance as each adds to your business.
  •  Competition with yourself: Set your target goals and keep motivating yourself to achieve them. If you succeed go for more. Being your own competitor will keep your moral up to work hard.
  •  Sum-up:
    1. Be on time 
    2. Learn from your mistakes 
    3. Be honest 
    4. Be friendly 
    5. Remain open minded
    6.  Care about the quality of work
    7. Take Pride in you work and have fun!

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