Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Good Idea Gone Wrong!

While driving home the other day I saw a sign.  One of those wire sale signs that you can stick in the ground any where.  It was in a great spot.  Right at the light at the intersection of the Main st and the parkway.  I'm sure a lot of people see the sign.  It's a great way to get cheep advertising directly to the masses. 

Problem is what the sign said. 
Chinese Auction
March 6th. 3pm
@Manor House

Now I've lived in the area for over 20 years.  What Manor House?  Where is the Manor House?  How do I find the Manor House? 

I wonder how well the turn out was for the Chinese Auction?  It was a great idea to put up a sign, next time put an address on it. 

 Never, never assume people know what you mean!  Next time Kiss it!  You need to keep everything so simple a stupid person can figure it out.

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