Saturday, September 17, 2011

Avoiding Customer Accidents can save you money.

Avoiding customer accidents can save you money and a big headache.

Customers don't always thing their going to get hurt.  They are more concerned about shopping. 

Accidents cost money in medical bills, lawyers, and increased insurance premiums.  Then theres the headache of dealing with a hurt and upset customers and possible lost business.

We all see the children that run in the stores and stand up in shopping carts.  How many of us speak up and say stop running or sit down?  Not as many as there should be.  It is everyone's responsibility to speak up including other customers.  Keeping the costs of accidents down means theres more money available for higher wages and lower prices.

Only last week I saw a customer Try to step on a uboat to reach an item behind it.  When I told her I could get fired for letting her do that, she gave me a dirty look.  But its true.  The fact that a uboat is on wheel and she could have moved it out of the way never crossed the customers mind.  The best way to avoid this is to greet the customer with can I help you find something before they ever get the chance.
It is every employees job to keep an eye on the customers. 

 Good customer service avoids accidents, increases sales and deters shoplifting.

Tips to avoid accidents.
  • Clean up spills quickly.  keep caution signs and paper towels handy on the sales floor.  Call for help and watch the area until it is cleaned up. 
  • Keep the sales floor neat and clean.  less clutter and more open space to walk.
  • Don't block doors
  • Don't leave unattended ladders on the sales floor.
  • Box cutters stay in your hand or your pocket, never put them down.
  • Don't stack boxes higher than you can reach, keep  top shelf neat, and as low as possible. 
  • Post signs not to run and keep and eye on children.
  • Speak up when a customer or employee is doing something dangerous.  If no one listens tell your manager.

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