Monday, February 18, 2013

Customer Service is 100% about the Customer Experience

  • Good  customer experience  =  Good sales
  • Poor  customer experience  =  Poor sales
  • Bad customer experience = Bad or No sales
  • Excellent customer service = Excellent customer experience = Higher sales.

Good customer service is key to increasing your 3 core figures:
  1. Customer count
  2. Ave number of items per sale.
  3. Total Sales   
If you increase your customers and the amount of product each buy, your sales go up. 
On the other hand if a customer has a bad experience in your store, they won't want to come back.  They complain to their friends and family so that they don't want to come back either.  Less customers buying less items equals less sales!

In the next blog I'll go into Different kinds of Customer Service and how simple little things can make a big difference in the customers experience in your retail store.

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