Thursday, July 11, 2013

Shrink Tip: How To Catch A Cashier Stealing from a Retail Store

Cashiers in local retail shops today are smart.  They know that a local retail store is open 10 - 14 hours a day, even with cameras , its very unlikely they will be caught stealing money out of the cash register  You can't see every second of what' happening.

A savvy store cashier will be on the look out for when the store manager is not near the register or video monitor.   You should do a video review and a surprise cash draw audit randomly on each store cashier.

Having shrink controls in place to deter cashier shoplifting theft is your best course of action.   Its very important that only one cashier rings on a cash draw.  If something should be off, you have an idea who did it.
Things you should look for if you think a cashier is stealing from your local retail store.
  •  Loose coins on top of the register.  May only be a few cents.  The cashier may use that to keep track of how much extra money is in the cash draw.  They may be shorting customers on change and storing it up for later retrieval.  The coins on top could mean there's that much extra in dollar bills in the register. 
  • Do a surprise cashier audit on this register.  Take the draw to the count down room. With the cashier present, count it back and check the totals. 
  •  The total should never be more or less than $2 off the reading.  Keep a log and watch for big unexplained overs and shortages in the register.
 If you catch a cashier stealing.  You can't under any circumstances let them continue to be a cashier.  Doesn't matter if its your sisters kid, it only says its ok to steal to every one else.
Remember a good store manager keeps calm, stays in control and is respected by their employees.  A manager who isn't, is more likely to have his or her employees take advantage of them. 

Be professional all the time. 

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