Friday, December 5, 2014

McDonald's is Running a Scam Still going on 8 months Later!

Don't Eat at the McDonald's on middle country rd. Coram, NY. 11727.

They are running a scam. When asked about it they just get nasty and defensive.

The price of the so called Extra Value Meal is more expensive than its parts.

Example: the sausage burito meal is $5.29. Yet coffee is $1.00 + Hash browns $1.19 + 2 buritos @ $1.19 = $4.57

That is a $.62 over charge.
what a scam!
what's in the lunch menu , I'll never know.
Don't plan to ever eat there again.

McDonald's down the road had the burito for. Only $1.00. That's even cheaper.

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