Tuesday, December 23, 2014

When is The Best Time To Go Shoplifting?

This post is written in the eyes of a shoplifter. In this way retail store managers have a better idea what to look for to catch shoplifters and lower shrink.
When is the best time to go shoplifting?
  1. During the busiest part of the busy holiday shopping days. 
  2. late morning when the lines are out the door. Before lunch / shift change fewer employees are in duty.
  3. Dinner time, again when lines are long and before shift change. Less employees are in the store and the ones that are, are more concerned with leaving than looking for shoplifters.
  4. End of the night. Again less employees in store. Manager is in back room making deposits.
Shoplifters will scope out your store and know who's usually where, when they come to steal from you.

The day after Holiday is the best time to take something off the shelf and return it for credit.  
  1. shoplifters will have something to return with a real receipt. This takes the suspicion away from the shoplift theft.
  2. Take 2 other items off the shelf.
  3. Bring all 3 to the register and tell the cashier. You want to return items ( only one you have the receipt for). And buy the third.
  4. This is known as the buy one steal one trick.
  5. Find a receipt on the floor a few days before. Then return to the store with a bag. This looks as if you entered. The store with the item . Then take it off the shelf and to the register to return.  
These shoplifting practices work best in smaller stores.  Where the small retail store owners and managers don't know whats going on.   That's why they should read THE RETAIL CONSULTANT and see what they are missing!

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