Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Can You make real Money as a Secret Shopper on Long Island?

Secret shopping on Long Island has become a big business today more than ever before.  Marketing and consulting firms need up to date information to help retail businesses compete.    Independent secret shoppers are used to gather market research.  With the advent  of the digital world the Secret shopping business is growing faster than ever.

So, can you really make money working as a Secret Shopper?   The answer is YES!  All you need is  time, good transportation, a digital camera, and a personal computer.   A standard Secret shop takes between 10-30 minutes of visiting a retail store, making observations and taking a few pictures.  Then, another 15 - 30 minutes answering the evaluation online.  For a total of 25 - 60 minutes of work plus transportation time.

Not every secret shop is the same.  Some can be very simple and others can be very complex.  The amount of money you can make depends on this.   $20 for an hours work is not hard to find.   Some secret shops pay $5 , while others might pay $75.

One of the best thing about secret shopping are the perks.  Even if the pay for the shop is $5,  you might get a reimbursement to make a purchase you can keep free.

Here are some examples of secret shopper jobs.

  • $5 and a free cup of coffee. Answer 12 questions.
  • $15 pay and $5 reimbursement at a comic book store.
  • $8 to go into Home Depot and take pictures of the paint dept.
  • $40 to pose as a new car buyer and take a test drive.
  • $5 plus two free movie tickets and $15 for refreshments. 
  • $20 pay plus $20 food reimbursement at local restaurants.
  • $15 to evaluate customer service at Bobs

Getting a job is easy, as long as you follow a few rules.

  1. Search the different internet sites a few times a day. 
  2. Beat out other shoppers applying for the job.  Usually first to apply will get the secret shopping job.
  3. Meet the requirements of the shop. 
  4. Be very observant. 
  5. Keep good records.
  6. Keep in good standing with the marketing companies hiring secret shoppers.

You will need to apply to 5-10 different Secret Shopping companies.   Not every company has work in your area every day or week.  You will need to do this in order to make a regular income.   Knowing what companies to apply to is a widely held secret in itself.  Other retail secret shoppers are not willing to give out this information to keep the competition down.  

Check back for future blog posts coming soon.
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  • How to Search For Secret Shopping Jobs?
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