Sunday, April 10, 2016


A retail store is a business where merchandise products are sold to the public customers.  The products may be made by the shop owner or may be purchased wholesale from a third party supplier and then resold to the customer.

A specialty store is a type of retail shop that only sells one category of products.  Because of this a specialty store can have a larger and better selection of goods with in that category. 

A non specialty store sells a variety of merchandise like a grocery store or department store. 

a Hardware store would be a specialty store.  You can buy nails at any variety store.  But , if you need a specific roofing nail you go to a hardware or building supply store.   A hardware store specializes in all the different roofing products you might need.  While Walmart may only a few choices. 

Sam Walton founder of Walmart said that for small retailers to compete with Walmart they should open a specialty store.  A shop where the customer can find a larger selection of specialized goods and advice centralized around one line of products.   Walmart sells only the best sellers in each department. 

Here is a list of different types of Specialty Stores.

▪  Wedding Dress shop
▪  Children's Shoe Store
▪   Baby Furniture
▪  Comic Book Store
▪  Hobby Shop
▪  Ethnic Foods
▪  Book Store
▪  Office Supplies
▪   Jewelry Store
▪  Party Supply
▪  Pet Store
▪  Learning Toys
▪  Candles
▪  Team Shop
▪  Gourmet Foods
▪  Kitchen Gadgets
▪  Antiques
▪  Auto Parts

Any shop that specializes in one type of products.

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