Wednesday, March 8, 2017

What is an Easy Store to Steal or Shoplift From?

What is an easy store to steal from?

It doesn't matter if you're from New York or California, from Boston or Miami.
Small stores are easier than large stores to shoplift from.

Small retail stores with few employees are easier to go under the radar when shoplifting. If your the manager of a small store it is your responsibility for shrink control. Train your employees about all forms of shoplifting.

15 ways in How shoplifters steal from retail stores

Don't ever forget who is the number one shoplifter in small retail stores. The employees are the biggest shoplifters stealing a lot more than a candy bar.

Professional Shoplifters are more likely to pick a small family owned supermarket before stealing from a large chain supermarket. why? Because even with a camera everywhere, its less likely anyone is paying attention.

  I worked for a small 14 store chain of closeout stores. One night after inventory the district manager put together A bag painting supplies. He explained they were painting the office. There was no accounting of the merchandise and the store manager didn't question it.

   Same store I caught a teenage neighbor of the owner stealing from the register. She was smart she didn't steal directly from the store. What she did was give the customers the wrong change. when no one was looking she would take money out of the cash Register. I caught her by watching for signs of a their and doing an audit. Because it was a small company and she was a friend if the owner, nobody seemed to care. "Well she wasn't stealing from the company", they said.

  Today that company is out of Business. Control Shrink or shrink will control you. I'm pretty sure it wasn't lack of sales or a low gross margin that killed that company. More likely it was Poor Management.

   If your reading this blog you are either a retail manager or a thief. Read my past posts and learn how to stop shrink. Then teach what you have learned. Pass on this blog to your fellow employees.

  Think Shrink !

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