Tuesday, March 28, 2017

How To Reduce Shoplifting

Fred has been finding empty packages all over his store for months now.  But he never seem to ever see the people stealing all his merchandise.  

That's because shoplifters pay more attention to what he was doing, then he does to them. 

But, Fred doesn't know who is stealing from his store.  So what is he supposed to do?

The most common reason shoplifters steal from a retail shop, is because they can.  No one in paying any attention them. 

  In my current position I  have supermarket customers coming up to me looking for help.   I see the fustration on thier face when I tell them I don't work there.  They all say the same thing.  "Nobody works here", " I can't find anyone".  

I see employees everywhere.  As a consultant it's my job.  But, customers shouldn't have to jump through hoops to get some help. 

Shoplifters take advantage of this void in customer service.  Everyone is busy doing thier job and no one is concerned with the customer down aisle 5. 

The best defense against shoplifting is a strong offense of GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE !

Be aware of and greet every customer that walks in the door.   A large store should have a door greeter or security guard up front.   A small store should use a door chime and have the cashier's in sight of the doors at all times.

Watch your customers you will start to see things.  You see the customers who are walking out just because they can't find what they want, even though it's there. 
You will also see the Customers hiding in the back always looking to see who's watching.  

A real shoplifter will get annoyed when you watch them.  Annoy them enough they will leave.  A real customer will appreciate you helping them and may even buy more. 

A trick to use when your overwhelmed with too many customers to watch.  Page security!

See who looks concerned or walks out.

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