Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Plan Now For Fourth Quarter (4th QTR) Holiday Retail Store Sales.

Now is the Time for Small Business Retailers to Plan for 4th Quarter Profits.

Don't wait for the last minute to take advantage of the increase in customer volume during the fourth quarter Holiday sales.

Plan for fourth quarter sales now.  Clean up your retail store.  Add extra register lanes. Hire seasonal employees.  Now is  the time to increase seasonal selling merchandise displays.  You don't want to miss out on any extra retail sales. 

With the increase in customer flow, now is the time to clear out slow selling merchandise.  Here are some tips to keep in mind.

  • Clearance discontinued merchandise.  Make sure it is visibly signed to attract customer attention.  Use progressive markdowns to insure sell through of the the old to make room for new merchandise.
  • Customer Service Training.  Now is the time to reinforce the need for good customer service, both to increase sales and to decrease shoplifting.
  • Raise your retail prices on your best selling items 2 - 5 %.
  • Lower your retail prices on worst selling items with a high gross margin 5 - 10%.  Sign with a new everyday low price sign. 
  • Plan ahead for sale promotions ,items people buy seasonally as well as everyday item.   High margin items, fast selling mid margin items, and clearance items your over stocked with are best.  Don't forget the sign!
  • Plan your payroll needs based on last years sales, and this years planned promotions. 
  • Set up your seasonal floor plan.  Moving non-seasonal items to back or off the sales floor and moving the fast movers, impulse and gift merchandise up front. 
  • Change window display to attract new customers. 


  1. The Raise your retail prices on your best selling items will work for sure and am not confident about others. this is working great for me!@bose
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    1. Rasing prices will always increase profits. Althought too much can turn customers away. So take advantage of increased customer flow during the 4th quarter. lowering prices on worst selling and clearence items is important to make room for fresh merchandise. If you always have the same old stuff on your shelves, it abviouse customers arent buying it. You need to move them out to make room for merchandise that will sell at a profit. At some Point it may be worth taking the loss and donating old non selling merchandise.

    2. I consulted with a small store a few years ago. He had $300 retail value of "POGS" on his shelf. He told me he made a killing on the POG fad which died 5 years before. He couldnt bring himself to marking them down he told. I told him its too late. They are now worth less than nothing. He looked puzzled! He was taking up valuable selling space with garbage! Take advantage to the increaed traffic the 4th quarter brings and clear out the old to make room for the new. Start the new year fresh.


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